Who are we?

Critical Giants is a creative development studio and is primarily engaged in developing unique worlds for the world to enjoy. In addition we offer consultancy on worldbuilding, storytelling and art direction for the entertainment industry and we have an ongoing development of educational content related to creating digital art.

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The Store

We have created a library of high quality tutorials, process, assets and physical products to educate and guide the next generation.

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Black Horizon

Black Horizon is the brain child of Critical Giants and the ultimate example of what Critical Giants is best at, worldbuilding. An expansive Sci-Fi world with a deep lore, a rich history and amazing visuals.

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As a creative development studio, we provide services like consultancy on worldbuilding, design, story and art direction for the entertainment industry, we also provide advanced teaching at companies and schools.

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Our Community

We provide teaching for creative development for the entertainment industry in the form of youtube videos, courses, tutorials and in-house teaching.

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For all inquiries, business, press, jobs etc. Please contact us at wlb@criticalgiants.com