IP Development

We offer consultancy and creation of IPs for the entertainment industry. The goal of IP development is to establish a compelling universe with flexible applications for the the right audience.

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We years of industry experience and passion for passing on knowledge to the next generation we offer structured courses and teaching for educations and companies.

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Worldbuilding is a the core of what we do, worldbuilding is the process of creating a cohesive world for a fictional universe. Good worldbuilding is a complex task that involves writing story, developing unique systems and making it palettable to a consumer. We love worldbuilding and we think we are pretty good at.

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Art Direction

If your project needs consultancy on art direction, we specialize in creating visual identities for a variety of projects, be it stylized, realistic, simple or complex, at the heart of art direction lies an ability to connect different mediums under one banner to present to the world.

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