Creature Concept Art In Blender

This a an extensive tutorial on how to sculpt, design, texture & stage creatures for concept art in Blender. If you wish to improve your creature concept skills and workflow this tutorial will guide you through everything from idea, to sculpt, to texture, to pose, to final image.

This is a follow up tutorial to the tutorial on our youtube channel here.

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What our customers say!

"I'd say this is really was worth my purchase. For those interested, the course has a short video for each step in the process and because of that I don't feel the pressure of having to learn the next step before feeling comfortable with navigating the workspace or even just adding and modifying objects to the scene, and basic modelling!!"
- channie

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Blender 2.8+, Blender 3.0.0 Alpha & Photoshop or similar.


- 5.5 hours of narrated tutorial.

- 14 Chapters (From Idea to Final image)

- 4 hours of timelapse.

Software used:

Blender 3.0.0 Alpha & Photoshop 2021