What is it?

Black Horizon is a universe of our own making. It is set in a distant fictional galaxy where rogue empires, ancient civilizations, and super soldiers decide the fate of the galaxy all under the watchful eyes of mysteries behind the black hole at the center of it all.

Black Horizon is an IP, and we want to build experiences and stories in this world and share them with the world.

The World

The world of Black Horizon is defined by conflict, political intrigue, and the looming gaze of the Black Horizon, the mystical black hole at the center of the galaxy. After the alliance's recent collapse the galaxy is on the brink of war, involving rich bankers, a new empire, and a dark cult.

The world is dense with alien races, rogue ai, ancient civilizations, and super powered conduits with astonishing abilities.

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Interstellar Travel

Black Horizon stretches across the galaxy, which means interstellar travel is a stable of the factions and characters to master. The technology behind interstellar travel is defined by rules and influences from real-world tech and science.

The Conduits

Conduits make up some of the more special individuals in the galaxy. Conduits have the unique and almost magical ability to manipulate, control and alter electromagnetic fields at will.
They activate machinery at a distance or summon lightning from overloaded machinery.

In a world ruled by superior technology, conduits provide an effective edge against the enemy. Because of the unique skillset they have, they serve as the main characters in the many stories set in Black Horizon.

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The Art of Black Horizon


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