What is it?

Irontale is a fantasy IP set in the world of Aria. Irontale follows the empires, kingdoms, and characters in a world on the brink of a technological revolution, but this does not sit well with the old gods of the world, who for long have held a strong grip on the population through their mastery of powerful magic called wraith bending.

Irontale features an expansive world, a myriad of cultures and races, beasts and dragons, and a unique magic system involving alchemy and the world of wraiths.

The World

Aria is the name of the continent with the highest population density, as most stories and conflicts take place in Aria, it is often used as a word for the entire world as well. The world is divided into 5 continents each hosing different cultures, languages and outlooks on life.

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The Races

The philosophy to races in Irontale is less is more, the races that live and breathe in Aria all have a unique outlook on life, functionality, creation story, and the role they serve in the greater story.
All races are rooted in grounded creation myths and are all connected to the natural process of the world's evolution or their direct tie to the magic system.

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The Magic System

All fantasy worlds should have a great magic system, Irontale provides a grounded and predictable magic system called wraith bending. Tied to materials of the world, especially to that of Black Iron, the magic system uses a conduit material for tapping into the magic of the wraith world.

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The Art of Irontale


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